818 East Jefferson Boulevard
South Bend, IN 46617
AARC: (574) 234-6024
MEAP: (574) 287-1879
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The mission of the Center for Addictions – Assessment, Referral and Education (CARE) is to provide unbiased professional and objective guidance to individuals and families faced with alcohol and other drug problems. Furthermore, its aim is to ensure that a person in need of treatment for an alcohol or other drug problem has access to treatment regardless of age, sex, race, religion, creed or socio-economic status.

CARE's staff will do its best to assist anyone who contacts its office. This might mean spending time with a concerned caller, explaining what to do about an adult child's substance abuse; providing telephone numbers to treatment centers throughout the state; or providing 12-step meeting information. CARE offers basic assistance to the concerned public in the first steps toward recovery.

Prevention and Education services can be structured from a class of one to a crowd of hundreds. Each request is individualized to meet the needs of the program recipients.

CARE provides formal addictions assessment services by licensed clinical counselors.  CARE also has one Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) on staff who is (DOT) qualified.

CARE maintains independence from treatment providers in order to give the most objective assistance possible. This neutrality allows the CARE staff to provide a variety of treatment centers or social service agencies without a conflict of interest.