Tuesday, November 28, 2023

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Welcome to an added  feature of the Michiana EAP array of available services called Perspectives Online.  Many people like to research various topics via the internet, but sometimes the information can be confusing or even unreliable. Perspectives Online provides articles and information that have been researched to insure the information is provided from reliable sources.

To access the Perspectives Online feature your user name is Perspectives.  Check with your human resources office or contact Michiana EAP (574-287-1879 or 800-388-0154) for your company password.  Then, simply click on the link below.  At the Perspectives LTD website you will see a button mid page “Resources for You and your Family.” Click on the button, enter the user name: Perspectives and your company password to access some really helpful information on a variety of topics of interest.  Michiana EAP and Perspectives LTD, names you can trust for reliable information and resources.

Perspectives Online