818 East Jefferson Boulevard
South Bend, IN 46617
AARC: (574) 234-6024
MEAP: (574) 287-1879
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Help and Hope

The mission of the Alcohol & Addictions Resource Center is to prevent alcohol and other substance misuse through prevention, education, intervention, assessment and referral services for individuals, families and the community, as well as to provide leadership for collaborations and partnerships.

In pursuit of this mission, AARC seeks to:
  • Increase the public's awareness and understanding about the nature of alcoholism and substance use disorder and work to eliminate misconceptions about these diseases.
  • Encourage proper diagnosis, treatment and continuum of care for individuals and families who are affected by the disease of alcoholism or substance use disorder.
  • Advocate public policy that will effectively deter alcohol and other substance misuse.
  • To maintain a presence in the community which allows AARC to objectively assess alcohol and other substance use service needs.
  • To develop within AARC, or through community collaboration, programs and services which address these identified needs.
  • To remain independent and objective in AARC's efforts to serve individuals and families with alcohol or other substance use disorders.
  • To provide families and other concerned individuals an anonymous, objective and confidential resource which allows for safe discussion of alcohol and other substance use disorders.
  • To offer those with alcohol and other substance use concerns HELP and HOPE.