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At certain times in life, everyone experiences some kind of personal problem. Physical, psychological, or emotional problems can manifest as alcoholism, or other substance abuse/misuse, marital and family conflicts, and legal dilemmas. Such situations permeate the workplace in the form of excessive sick leave, poor judgment, mistakes, increased accidents, and inability to get along with co-workers. The poor performance and time away from the job translate into a staggering loss of millions of dollars for the employer and the local economy.

Typically, the following services are provided:
Assessment: The assessment interview is the means of gathering information, identifying the problem areas and providing motivational counseling so that the employee can take the appropriate steps toward resolution. The assessment will result in one of the following service plans:

Short-Term Counseling: short-term counseling will be provided when this meets the client's needs. Usually, short-term counseling is appropriate when a clearly defined goal is identified.

Referral: The Michiana Employee Assistance Program utilizes the entire community service network to meet the client's needs. Frequently, the presenting problem does not require a referral to a treatment center or service provider. Often, providing the client with information, literature, lecture series, education classes or a support group is sufficient to meet the client's needs.

AARC is proud to have established the first employee assistance program to serve employers and employees in St. Joseph County and outlying communities. In over 30 years of service, the Michiana Employee Assistance Program has met the needs of corporate clients, ranging in size from very large, multi site corporations in St. Joseph County to those with less than 20 employees.

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Phone: (574) 287-1879

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MEAP is always available after hours by calling either number and accessing our consultant on-call through our answering service.  
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