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In 1962, the St. Joseph County Committee on Alcoholism was formed when a group of recovering alcoholics met with several community leaders. The purpose was to enlist public support for an alcoholism information center. In 1964, the committee was accepted as the St. Joseph County Committee on Alcoholism through affiliation with the United Health Foundation of St. Joseph County (now United Health Services).

In August of the same year, efforts to enlist the state of Indiana's assistance culminated with the establishment of a Community Consultant on Alcoholism for St. Joseph County, funded by the Division of Mental Health/Division of Addictions Services.

An Alcohol Information School with the local courts was formally inaugurated in January 1965 and later expanded to other community social service agencies.

In June, 1970, the Junior League voted to fund the Center for one year and to provide eight volunteers to assist in development of a program. On July 1, 1970, the Center officially incorporated the committee as the Alcoholism Council, Inc.

In 1972, the Alcoholism Council, Inc., affiliated with the National Council on Alcoholism Dependence, and in 1997, adopted the new name of Alcohol and Addictions Resource Center.

AARC takes great pride in the fact that it was the first local agency to offer educational programming to the families and friends of alcoholics; the first to provide employee assistance programming; the first to incorporate drug and alcohol education into a school setting; and the first to establish a program dedicated solely to the prevention of substance use during pregnancy.

The staff of AARC participates in many local community-based coalitions, task forces and governing councils. The tradition set forth in 1962, to work together with those concerned about alcohol and other drug use, continues today with a strong commitment to the community. Even greater is AARC's commitment to assisting alcoholics, drug addicts and their families.